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High quality engraving sheets manufactured in Belgium since 1984!

We are a manufacturing industry located in the heart of Europe. You can find our production facility in Kontich, in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. We produce high quality engraving sheets and engraving material for over 35 years now. Our focus lays on quality, liability and very short lead times. Discover our wide range of engraving sheets and find out which sheets and color combinations are suited for your engraving machine.

All our sheets offer you razorsharp and long lasting engravings, our engraving sheets are available in a wide variety of color combinations and thicknesses. Graflux 2 is based on ABS and suited for rotary engraving machines. The following variant, Graflux 3 is made of PMMA (acrylic) and was developed especially for engraving and cutting by laser engravers. The last variant, Graflux 4, can be used both on engraving machines and lasers. (Mirror engraving at the back of the sheets.) Our sheets are used in all kinds of industries and sectors, such as signage, electrical cabinets, machinery, control panels, instruction boards, and many, many more.

The majority of our sheets can be routed, cut and sawn with a perfect edge finish. Check out our extensive range of engraving sheets and discover all the possibilities we have to offer.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive additional information and pricing, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a message.

Fill out the contact page or feel free to contact us by phone (+32 3 454 20 89) or by e-mail (info@graflux.com), we are glad to help you.


We’re proud to announce our all weather resistant Graflux sheets! That’s right, these sheets are suited for outdoor use too.
Learn more on our “Graflux all weather” page!

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Graflux III
Graflux 3

Made in Belgium!

Graflux IV
VW Bulli
VW Bulli - Graflux III
Graflux II
Graflux 2
Graflux 3
Graflux 4

Graflux 2 for rotary engraving machines. Discover our wide range and find out which color combinations are suited for your engraving works! Read more…

Graflux 3 is developed for all kinds of Co² laser engraving machines. These sheets are based on acrylic, which means they are perfect for laser engraving and cutting! Read more…

Graflux 4 is made for reverse engraving. Turn over the sheet, engrave it at the back and attach any color of paint you like. Now you can have different colours in one engraving sheet! Read more…